Fezzari raids the Batcave, returns with the Joker’s and Batman’s bikes

Fezzari sends up the bat sign with an off-the-wall new idea — and brings an notorious antagonist alongside for the journey.

The Utah bike model preps its La Sal Peak enduro mountain bike for the Gotham streets, with Batman and Joker paint schemes. Sitting on DVO Suspension, the two 170mm builds get touches from Maxxis, TRP Cycling, DT Swiss, and a load of different contributors.

fezzari la sal peak batman joker

Not so severe: joke results in wild bikes

Describing the Joker variant takes one phrase: loud. If “the only sensible way to live in this world” actually is with out guidelines, you’d look proper in character breaking a couple of on the lime inexperienced and deep purple rig.

fezzari la sal peak batman joker

Appropriately, a joke gave the bike’s creators the thought to make it a actuality. Norm Nielsen and Ed Spinella, Fezzari’s Factory Enduro Team Manager and East Coast Ambassador Leader, performed one another’s foils on the design.

“The topic of ‘what color bike are you going to get’ came up, and Ed was talking about purple,” Nielsen recalled. “I joking[ly] mentioned if you run the @dvosuspension green fork you’ll have a legit Barney bike. As I chuckled to myself it was dead silent on the other line. Cool as a cucumber, Ed said ‘no, I’ll have the perfect platform to build a Joker bike.’”

fezzari la sal peak batman joker

For its half, the Batman Fezzari La Sal Peak (the Batbike?) is a good quantity…stealthier. Dipped in gunmetal grey and sable black, it could colour coordinate fairly carefully with Adam West’s 1960’s Batman.

fezzari la sal peak batman joker

Unleashed, creators construct two downhill beasts

Functionally, the builds are massive, burly, and provide loads of squish in the suspension; superb for ripping steep terrain. So, the TRP disc brakes search to disperse warmth and throw down loads of stopping energy — sufficient to “stop a monster truck,” Nielsen stated.

fezzari la sal peak batman joker

Nielsen and Spinella picked the wheels with the identical process profile in thoughts. Nielsen stated that whereas he’s used to swift carbon wheels, heavy-duty DT Swiss EX511 240’s made extra sense for the bike.

Aggro Maxxis tires, platform clip-in pedals by Look Cycle, and flexy Fasst Company handlebars end out the La Sal Peak builds.

fezzari la sal peak batman joker

One hero, one villain: availability, or lack thereof

Of course, there can solely be one Batman and one Joker, so there’s solely one in all every themed Fezzari bike.

fezzari la sal peak batman joker

If that will get your hackles up, step apart and ask your self, “why so serious?” You could need to get via Nielsen and Spinella to get to the Batman and Joker bikes, however you may get your fingers on the extremely customizable La Sal Peak Comp via Fezzari’s web site.


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