HIT Impact detection device measures G-Force to aid rider awareness of potential head injuries

Edinburgh-based HIT Recognition has launched the Impact detection device designed to match any bike helmet through an adhesive pad, measuring G-Forces to give the wearer an concept of how huge a blow to the head they took throughout a crash. Only 10% of concussions truly end in loss of consciousness, so having a device measuring G-Force in real-time may assist the wearer perceive jut how unhealthy that final knock to the head was, permitting them to resolve whether or not or not they want to relaxation, search out medical assist, or a concussion take a look at, or just stick with it driving.

HIT Impact for Cyclists

HIT began its life two years in the past as a pupil challenge at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, and has now advanced right into a start-up firm. Their debut product, the HIT Impact, shouldn’t be a concussion analysis device; it merely measures G-Force, giving the wearer a simple to interpret visible show of the G-Force their head skilled throughout an influence, and a file of what number of impacts they’ve sustained whereas carrying the device. HIT say it’s for the person to educate themselves on influence drive ranges and to take precautions ought to they select to when a big ‘threshold’ influence is acquired.

hit impact g-force detection device wearable for cyclists

The HIT Impact device, mentioned to be water and dirt resistant, attaches to any helmet through industrial power VHB tape

The device connects to the HIT Recognition companion app (accessible for Android and iOS) through BLE4. It makes use of an intuitive visitors gentle system to give the wearer an early warning notification of the influence drive recorded. Green for low influence, yellow for medium influence and crimson for threshold drive and above. The device itself may also flash crimson, indicating to different riders within the group that the wearer has acquired a threshold influence.

It’s vital to word right here that the HIT Impact device does differ from security gadgets extra generally seen within the biking world, such because the ANGi from Specialized. The ANGi has a pre-set threshold G-Force worth which, when exceeded, prompts a message to be despatched to the wearer’s emergency contact checklist informing them of their final identified location. The HIT Impact doesn’t supply this SOS function, and the brink G-Force is decided by the wearer themselves.

hit impact detection device for helmets companion app displays impact data

Each recording is logged and saved underneath your person profile, custom-made with age, weight, top and sport, and permits every person to select their influence threshold. The person can, based mostly on their age or exercise, have the liberty to alter the brink to their selecting. HIT do set a beneficial G-force threshold stage of 60 G, however you possibly can go forward and tailor it as you see match. The most measurable G-Force is 140 G.

After a logged session, the HIT Recognition companion app will ask you whether or not you need to fill in a questionnaire to present info on how you are feeling relating to the influence drive knowledge recorded.

Cycling is only one sport the place concussion is of concern, and gamers of many different sports activities comparable to rugby and soccer, in addition to members of snow sports activities, additionally stand to profit from the sort of knowledge the HIT Impact device can file.

Pricing & Availability

The HIT Impact device retail at £79.99 and is out there now direct from HIT Recognition.


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